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Help for Helpers

Therapy for therapists, teachers, nurses, dieticians, pharmacists, and other helping professionals

Do you relate to these statements?

  • I take care of everyone else but me

  • I worry about disappointing people

  • I often think “I don’t deserve to set boundaries”

  • I'm always “people pleasing”- doing what I need to do to make others happy, not expressing my own wants and needs

  • I dread going to work and fantasize about calling out

  • I don’t feel supported at work, and am burning out as a result

You take such good care of other people, but are starting to feel burnt out.

It's time to take care of yourself. Here's how:

Step One:

We'll identify the stressors that are contributing to your burnout- the paperwork, the hectic schedules, the clients and bosses you can't say no to.

Step Two:

We'll brainstorm boundaries that will make a difference in your mental health and energy levels.

Step Three:

We'll problem-solve the things getting in the way of implementing your boundaries so you can finally practice better self-care.

You don't have to continue feeling exhausted by a job you used to love.

I can help you take better care of yourself and get back to feeling fulfilled by your work.

Want more information before reaching out?

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