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Therapy for adults with generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and panic attacks

Does this sound familiar?

  • I have racing thoughts that distract me during the day and keep me up at night

  • I get so overwhelmed by my responsibilities and then completely shut down

  • I feel physically and mentally exhausted on a regular basis

  • I constantly worry about bad things happening to me and the people I care about

  • I’m overwhelmed from striving for perfection that I never seem to achieve

  • I don’t have the energy or motivation to do anything, but feel guilty when I'm not productive

  • I have panic attacks where I feel so overwhelmed that I get dizzy, my heart races, and I can’t breathe

If you relate to any of the above statements, I can help you get relief.

Here's how:

Step One:

I'll share new skills to deal with the physical symptoms of anxiety. With regular practice, your symptoms will be less intense and happen less often.

Step Two:

I'll teach you techniques to help stop racing thoughts and get a more realistic perspective on your negative self-talk.

Step Three:

We'll identify and problem-solve the root causes of your anxiety so that they won't trigger you anymore.

You don’t have to continue letting anxiety run your life.

Let me help you empower yourself to feel better.

Not ready to reach out just yet?

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