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Relational Trauma

Therapy for people with attachment wounds, PTSD, complex trauma, borderline personality disorder, and adult children of narcissists/emotionally immature parents

Do you relate to these statements?

  • I'm disappointed by people over and over again but still find myself trying to win their affection

  • I'm always reading into other people's emotions, trying to figure out if they're mad or annoyed at me​​​​

  • I find myself second-guessing the decisions I make​​

  • I feel like I’m “skating on thin ice” and am worried if I make a mistake I’ll lose a friend, partner, or job

  • I still have nightmares about being bullied by classmates or siblings, being shamed by parents or teachers, or being hurt by friendships/romantic relationships ending

People from your past hurt you, and you can heal yourself.

I can help with that healing. Here's how:

Step One:

We'll create some resources to help you tap into your inner strength, wisdom, compassion, and nurturing.

Step Two:

Once these resources feel strong, we'll take a look at past experiences that caused you hurt. Together, we'll desensitize these experiences until they feel less "charged".

Step Three:

We'll pair past experiences with more adaptive beliefs about yourself that finally feel true. 

You don't have to continue feeling ashamed and alone.

I can help you improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Want more information before reaching out?

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